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One-To-Many Say you want to create an application that needs you to create relationships, such as a One-To-Many relationship between two databases, for example, you are building a platform that allows people to write articles and you as a user reading those articles, can sort articles you love by creating categories or lists. You can save any article you want, in any of the lists you created, then when you navigate to a particular list, you Read More
AI and the Search for Creation After a few drinks with a software engineer, friend of mine, I was telling him of my adventures in Java, thinking that we are going to have a deep conversation. I wanted to pick his brains for some insight he has about the magic of code, and hopefully, venture into AI but, It did not go as expected. In a nonlinear, drunk conversation that led from an unknown somewhere, it culminated at point where he Read More
The Unlikely Developer Playing the developer. I sort of cast myself into the developer role, not because I like the gruelling pain of coding, the hours and days of trying to solve a problem, and not even knowing the right terms to use to search for potential answers. For me, I just wanted to create something, something for artists and word smiths to share their work. I actually saw a market, and trying to be the 'tech' billionaire, Read More
Getting to grip with some latest design trends, in this tutorial, I take you through to creating a professional looking landing page and website for an email marketing platform. No doubt a lot of founders out there would like to create a landing page or a platform, or a software that automates the process of Email Marketing. I take you through the latest design trends when dealing with component design, layout and strategy,  This is Read More
The top ten web design and development you should check out right now if you need some inspiration to design your own or have it designed. This is 2017 stop being mediocre! The check out inspiration for UI/UX, colour, typography, use of animations. Read More